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Our company has gained a lot of appreciation for manufacturing and exporting a wide range of perfumery compounds.Traditional Perfumes,Indian Attars, Exotic Perfumes, Room Fresheners, Cooler Perfumes,Natural Agarbatties, Floor Fresheners, Essential oils, Aroma oils & Industrial Perfumes. All our perfumery compounds undergo extensive testing and verification procedures to ensure that they are of best quality.We provide our range of perfumery compounds in bulk and consumer pack . We cater customized range of perfumery compounds to all our clients in India and abroad.


The Capital of Harshwardhan Kannauj took a turning point in making in the year of 1805 processing and blending of perfumes in a scientific method by M/S Manohardas Sewak Ram, We take an opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of .......

Procurement of flowers, which is one of the main and most essential raw materials of our business, we procure the same from our own farms. To maintain the quality, we never use any chemical or fertilizers and let them grow in their natural habitat.

Sugandh Vyapar vast range of Premium incense cone sticks is manufactured by us is distinguishably among the best in the country. Enjoy the exotic scents .....

  Natural Agarbatties
Sugandh Vyapar: Our Premium Natural Incense Sticks are made with spent wood dust and sandal chip powder base to enhance fragrance spreading and for longer shelf life. We are in this......
  Floral Waters
We manufacture 100 % pure & natural floral water that is available in a variety of soothing flowers. Floral waters are waters which have been infused with the essences of various flowers.
Exotic Perfumes
Sugandh Vyapar perfume was used to give the body and the spaces a pleasant smell, to seduce, to reflect personality. We manufacture exotic range of Fragrances and Spray. Our range of exotic fragrances and spray is the ultimate sensory experience for forgot ion memories with the objective of creating new and contemporary fragrances.
Wholesale Pure Natural Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Oils
Natural Attars
Sugandh Vyapar Attar is the name given to the fragrant oil made from extract of flowers, herbs, woods etc. 'Attar' or the non alcohol based perfumes had their own charm.  Attar is still manufactured by the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ method. It is the purest non alcoholic fragrances and the most lasting perfumes in the world.
Wholesale Pure Natural Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Oils
Herbal Oils
Industrial Perfumes
Sugandh Vyapar We offer premium quality natural essential Oil. It is 100% pure and natural at wholesale prices. Our Oils are 100% natural and are extracted by distillation method. These natural essential oils are extracted from petals, seeds, leaves, fruits, roots and barks of plants. Therapeutic properties of these essential oils enhance energy and restore balance to body, mind and sprit.
Wholesale Pure Natural Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Oils
Sugandh Vyapar manufacture a wide range of industrial perfumes to all our clients all across the globe. We also offer customization on our range of gift sets as per the specification of client. These are known for their excellent finish, distinctive fragrance and quality. These are used in the following products given below:
Wholesale Pure Natural Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Oils