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The Capital of Harshwardhan Kannauj took a turning point in making in the year of 1805 processing and blending of perfumes in a scientific method by M/S Manohardas Sewak Ram, We take an opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the oldest manufacturer / processor of Indian Perfumes at kannauj, the city of traditional Indian attars since 1809 to serve our customers with quality perfumes and allied products

Nearly 300 years ago when the Mughal Empress Noor Jahan was having a bath in her shaahi hamaam, little did she realise that she was discovering the most expensive and exotic attar – Rooh-e-Gulab. Legend has it that when she went to have a bath; she noticed an oily layer over the water kept overnight with crushed rose petals, which when distilled became the famous rose perfume.

The company SUGANDHVYAPAR is a professionally managed group established in the year 1982 in processing and marketing of natural products with a hallmark of quality. Our present range of products include Absolutes, attar & perfume, Herbs & spices of Aromatherapy, incense sticks dhoop and allied products in bulk and consumer pack . We enjoy patronage of quality conscious customers and consumers.

Who took open the business to kolkata also, It was their experience and devotion towards perfume industries that they established distillation unit in keluapally  Dist Ganjam (ORISSA) for kewra perfume and Rose distillation unit in hasayan district Aligarh . Their natural attars at that time were known to and famous for their quality and natural aroma.

Their rich experience is carried out by their predecessors   in the year 1982 the present firm SUGANDH VYAPAR was established in processing & establishing of natural products with a hallmark of quality. We have a specialty in traditional perfumes, Indian Attars, Exotic Perfumes, Room Fresheners, Cooler Perfumes, Natural Agarbatties, Floor Fresheners and Essential Aroma Oils.
Members of the professional bodies like FAFAI, CHEMEXCIL, AIAMA, EPCH, ACOC, EOAI etc.
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