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Attar is the name given to the fragrant oil made from extract of flowers, herbs, woods etc.  

'Attar' or the non alcohol based perfumes had their own charm. The modern day science recognises the miracles that smells can do but we at Lucknow had perfected this more than two centuries ago. A tiny bottle of attar can cost so expensive depending on the quality, age and powers. It is said that these age old perfumes get embedded into the body and the body emits the perfume. A story goes that Wajid Ali Shah used to sweat a lot while dancing - thus an attar was developed specially for him which turned his sweat into a fragrance and the people in the court would re-use his sweat thereafter as a perfume itself. These perfumes can be chosen from the well decked windows of the royal perfumers Manohar Das Sewar Ram in KannaujThese Natural Perfume Oils are the purest Non-alcoholic fragrance perfume and the most long lasting perfume.

Floral attar may be defined as the distillates obtained by the steam distillation of flowers in sandalwood oil. Attar is still manufactured by the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ method. It is the purest non alcoholic fragrances and the most lasting perfumes in the world.

Intricately extracted from the AL Oud wood hollow exclusively found at the Burma border Based on the original oriental 'oil of Agar wood'. Pure very thick and matured high quality concentrates oil. The classical oriental note of a spicy combination that gradually develops a warm woody note. The rich woody notes support a long lasting heart that slowly settles into a deep musky-woody base with a tinge of spice, replenishes the environment with a rejuvenating scent, which enhances the passionate desires of love. 
Gill ( Mitti )
   Smell Of earth after the first shower of rain. Mitti captures the aroma of the first drops of rain, falling on parched earth after a long drought. It is the    fragrance of Earth breathing and coming back to life. Soft and mellow, deeply quiet and soothin.
SANDAL (chandan)
Natural sweet pleasant smell of MYSORE SANDAL wood oil is prepared from purest quality exudes with sandalwood oil as    basnote.
Natural extract obtain from the fresh flowers cultivated in Uttar Pradesh .Rose fragrance is considered as the most romantic and feminine.
Natural Extract Of Mehandi
An Intricate Combination of Herbs & Spices. This attar is extracted from the various rare herbs found only in India.
An Intricate Combination of Herbs & Spices blend with Sandalwood. It is prepared by the traditional manufacturing methods.
Processed by distillation of roots of vetivert soothing thick sweet & cool aroma. Vetiver has natural cooling properties.
A Rich Combination of herbs & Spices with amber.
A variety of JASMINE Flower.
A unique mixture of Dhan El-Oud, Amber, Saffron and Al-Ward Al-Taifi that is vibrant with long lasting effect.
A most beautiful and refined natural perfume, delicately sweet, etheric, and balanced. Wear it as an exquisite perfume.
Its scent can be described as a blend of complex, exotic sweet and floral. This attar is sensual and synergistic, which makes it’s a prime component in cosmetic use, Rajnigandha attar is also used in several religious applications.
RAATRANI (Night Queen)
This attar has a distinct aroma having strong but sweet, cool and floral scent.
Jasmine has a sweet, exotic and richly floral smell.
A rich blend of many exotic attars Amber, Agar wood Oil, Champaca and Saffron.

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